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  • Superior Restoration

    Superior Restoration

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    Superior Restoration Location: 28922 Newport Rd Temecula, CA 92591 Phone: +19512003869
  • Tariq J.

    Tariq J.

    We had a Superior tech come out early this year when we had some water damage after the rainy winter. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and most important to me...honest.

    They helped us get fans out ASAP so we could start drying the water damage which helped us huge in the repair of the work.

    Great people and company!
  • Richard L.

    Richard L.

    I was impressed by the organized professionalism demonstrated by this company. On top of it I was treated with respect as a person. I don't think I could ask for more.
  • April A.

    April A.

    Superior Restoration.
    One word, outstanding.
    We were recent customers due to a water damage problem and based on our experience, they truly are aptly named for what their service provides--which is superior to say the least. The workers are efficient, friendly, hard-working and not to mention very accommodating. I would definitely recommend; 10/10, to anyone in need of water damage, general construction, kitchen/bathroom remodels, and flooring expertise.

    Our Project Manager, Rich, was there to guide us with every step of the process along with Rachel, the coordinator and Ed Cardenas; who was very helpful and extremely experienced. He helped us immensely with our insurance questions and made everything run smoothly for us.
    Abel, one of the demo guys during the mitigation process, was very professional and friendly.
    Jay & Rocko, who did the drywall installation, were very professional and competent as well.
    And Josh did a phenomenal job with the painting. He was proficient, professional and very friendly too.

    These are but a few of the technicians I can remember, but we have had quite a few more help us on our kitchen reconstruction. Nonetheless, they were all very professional.

    I recommend Superior Restoration to all homeowners in need of home repair.
  • Eli M.

    Eli M.

    We had water damage to our home and I couldn't be more pleased with Superior Restoration. They came out the day of the incident to assess the damage. They started work the very next day!
    I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of all the employees that came out. Every single one of Superior's employees exhibited ownership behavior, not just as an employee. They were so polite, professional, and pleasant. We had Brian Block as a project manager, who really helped direct me through the process. Rachel, the scheduling coordinator, (bless her heart) was a godsend, as she gracefully dealt with my million questions daily. Josue, Dane, and Aaron were absolutely delightful to have in our home. They say good help is hard to find nowadays, but you wouldn't think so with Superior Restoration. They were on-time every day. We ran into one hiccup (as it always does in construction), but Brian called 24 hours in advance to let me know.
    I feel very lucky to have had Superior do the work in our home and would most definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a restoration company.
  • Sara C.

    Sara C.

    What I would have believed to be a nightmare when my house flooded due to a leak in the back bathroom/master bedroom, ended up being a walk in the park. Superior Restoration came to the rescue with superior service, professionalism and efficiency. Nick and Dale led their team like pros. They had my personal items organized and packed, set up barriers and took care of any possible problematic mold areas. They were fast, hard working and honest guys! I recommend choosing Superior Restoration, specifically Nick & Dale, if you want an exceptional experience that is stress free and a job done right!
  • Ashish K.

    Ashish K.

    These guys are the best. Quality service delivered from start to finish. Our project manager "Rich" was super awesome to work with and kept us up to date at every step of the way. The work was done on time with quality workmanship and no short cuts were taken. The front desk helped me get through the insurance paperwork which made the whole experience even better.
  • Todd S.

    Todd S.

    Was referred to this company by onestop plumbing (also highly recommend) after my horribly built house sprung a leak and ruined my kitchen and bathroom. Dealing with my home insurance was horrible but superior kept on point and worked with me the whole time. When simple mistakes were maid they were fixed quickly and efficiently. Sadly ( at no fault to superior) I'm sure I'll be using them again, due to my house being seemingly being constructed so poorly. If you need a restoration company I highly suggest them
  • Henry G.

    Henry G.

    Pat and the Superior Restoration team are true professionals that immediately came out to tackle my water leak and restoration issue.  There assessment visit is free of charge and gives you the ability to consider their assessment of your situation. They are available 24/7 and actual people answer the phone when you call.  That type of service has become very limited.  After 26 years of Naval service, I believe in giving credit where credit is due and Superior Restoration is top notch, which I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anybody.
    Thank you.
    Henry G
  • Corinna S.

    Corinna S.

    I definitely would recommend superior restoration to anyone. They were fast, efficient, and professional. They took all the mold out and restored my ceiling. I am so pleased with the results, I will use they're services again let's just hope I never have to lol.
  • Dominick W.

    Dominick W.

    I called superior restoration on behalf of our office that had water damage and from the first phone call to coming out to our office they were nothing but a pleasure to work with. Great customer service, hard working staff and thanks to them our office is back in working condition. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to a friend or other local business.
  • Traci R.

    Traci R.

    Superior is an amazing company. They truly care about people and providing quality work in a timely fashion. It's great to see a company put so much effort and care into what they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing restoration work.
  • Zak M.

    Zak M.

    Great  work !
    Superior had worked on a slab leak and were very helpful during the whole process. They also helped us in dealing with home insurance and getting all things fixed. They gave us various options while fixing floor/kitchen counterpart/painting/etc.I definitely recommend superior for any home restoration work of any nature.
  • Lyn T.

    Lyn T.

    Superior Restoration was recommended by my plumber who fixed the water leak. Superior responded to the location the same day and fully explained what they do and the implications for the homeowners insurance policy I had. They had the equipment to tent and dry the tile floor and quickly abated the water soaked drywall. They were out of there after 3 days. No unpleasant surprises just quck competent work and very communicative to the homeowner.
  • Natacha L.

    Natacha L.

    On April 6, 2017 there was major water damage done to my property due to a supply line bursting on the second floor and water running for hours. Superior restoration came out that night and started drying. They took care of the pack out, and demolition of the affected area and the project manager took care of the rebuilding. They even worked with my insurance company and the adjustors. I'm very pleased with the results.  The place has never looked better! Rich, the pm, is awesome btw.
  • Destinee I.

    Destinee I.

    Superior restoration has been working with me for almost three weeks now and we are still working together and they are so awesome. All the workers are very polite and they really care about your service and make sure you are getting everything handled in a timely manner. I'm so glad I found this company. The project managers also answer all my text and calls night or day , which is awesome even when it's something simple they put you at ease ! I recommend this company for any work that they do because you won't regret it !
  • Ryan B.

    Ryan B.

    Superior Restoration is incredible, I'd give them 10 stars if I could.  In my opinion they have the perfect name because they are superior than any other restoration company.  I had a slab leak that flooded my kitchen and damaged cabinets and walls.  They treated me like family and took care of my every need.  I had to work with my homeowner's insurance company, which was a bit difficult.  But Superior Restoration made that easy for me as well, they were on my side when dealing with the insurance company.  Superior Restoration started repairing my kitchen the same day my kitchen was flooded.  They were always on time, even early sometimes.  They kept me up to date with phone calls and emails every step of the restoration process.  They returned my kitchen to exactly the way it was before the flood.  It was truly amazing, honestly I didn't think that was even possible.  Everyone I met, talked to on the phone or worked on my kitchen were amazing.  They were so kind, understanding, knowledgeable and hard working.  I can't say enough great things about Superior Restoration.  I will hire Superior Restoration every time I need a restoration company.  And I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a restoration company.
  • Carrie W.

    Carrie W.

    great service.. was out quickly and got my whole house flooding eradicated so no further damage was done. the restoration/remodel side was easy to work with, brian block, project manager kept in constant contact and on top of getting me samples and information needed to make educated choices. the workers were all very pleasant and efficient. aaron, the site contractor was great. hope i never have to use them again, but would if needed.
  • Johanna B.

    Johanna B.

    We had a water damage claim from our water heater. We were reffered to Superior Restoration to fix the water damage. This was my first claim and right away i was overwhelmed thinking of all the costs. Well first of all, Superior Restoration sent out someone that same night at 9pm so  I appreciated how fast they showed up and that they work late hours. Then they took care of explaining the claims process to me. They were so informative and then they handles everything with state farm. I never even heard from state farm, they sent a check and my home was fixed in a timely manner. No cost to me. But the best part was how patient and helpful they were in helping me through this process. Not many companies take the time to really help you like that.
  • Angela S.

    Angela S.

    Oh my gosh, I thought I had written a review and it seems as though I haven't! This is the most efficient and professional company that my husband and I have ever dealt with. We had a gigantic slab leak and had extensive water damage. They arrived on a Sunday night with dryers, humidifiers and blowers. They answered our questions, our phone calls, our texts and were simply amazing. Brian Block is an absolute expert at what he does. He explained the insurance process, helped us figure out how to put the walls back together etc. Zach is also amazing as is Casey, our favorite. I cannot imagine ever recommending or using another company. If you have any type of water damage, do yourself a favor and use this company. They are affordable and are more than five stars. The best in the business. Trust me.
  • Neil T.

    Neil T.

    I am so grateful that I made the right choice and contacted Superior I did not know I had coverage through my insurance company on the disaster I had in my home when my water heater burst they were quick to get my property safe yeah I tried out they worked with my insurance company 100% And then put everything back together and made my house look nicer than it did before they started I would definitely recommend Superior restoration to my neighbors friends and family
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